The company’s founder, Dr. Heinz Mueller, started his career as an electrical engineer in a small air-craft construction company. Within this company he was, amongst other engineers, instrumental in developing the electronic artificial horizon for aircraft-cockpits – an invention which today is standard in all air-craft-cockpits.

The artificial horizon shows the pilot, if and to which degree his air-craft is inclining along the longitudinal and lateral axis in relationship to the horizon. The position of the artificial horizon-sphere corresponds to the sphere of the real horizon and informs the pilot about the angle of attack and the slope of the air-craft.

Under good wheather conditions, the pilot gets the information about the flight altitude by looking at the horizon, but in extreme flight conditions and in clouds he is dependent on the artificial horizon.

Looking for new challenges, Dr. Mueller founded his own company in 1945, and in memory of this invention named it “horizont” (English: horizon)

Initially the business began with the manufacturing of electric fencing equipment, and has since specialized in the road safety industry for nearly 40 years. The Company’s founder, Dr. Heinz Mueller, was one of the leading inventors of the electronic artificial horizon in aircraft cockpits and named his company after this invention. Today horizont has more than 50 patents and protected designs and is recognized worldwide for its reputation as one of the leaders in the industry. Decades of research and innovation have contributed to the continuing growth and success of the company.

The horizont group is a small multinational with several individual business units operating independently in their respective industries worldwide. The headquarters of the horizont group are located in Korbach, Germany; a quiet town situated in the lush hill-country of central Germany.

In the year 2000, the horizont group continued its expansion with the acquisition and integration of Klemmfix GmbH. The company merged with horizont signaltechnik, creating a new company, which is one of the most trusted and respected names in traffic guidance systems worldwide.
In addition to the clear strategic benefits of combining two highly complementary organizations and product families, the new company will create value for its customers by providing a complete range of products and a higher level of service.

Our products are especially suitable for safeguarding road workers, policemen or fire fighters against flowing traffic when they are working in risk zones but they also warn motorists of danger spots ahead and provide them with any other information concerning construction sites, accidents, narrow roads, etc...


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The company's founder, dr. Heinz Müller, one of the inventors of the artificial horizon in the cockpit of the plane...


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